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Consciousness is its own container.   
The light that is in you is not contained by the body.
Sacred Times  
Can Sound be used for healing? ~
​   According to noted author and lecturer Dr. Deepak Chopra, “The body is held together by sound, and the presence of disease indicates that some sounds are out of tune…"

   When we are in a healthy state of well-being, each cell in the body is in its natural vibrational rhythm.  Our health can be weakened by daily stress, behaviors and habits of thought that are not in harmony with a healthy state, causing a decrease in vibration.  Using a precise sound, or tone, for a given organ or body system will bring it back into it's natural vibratory rate, or homeostasis, by quantum 'entrainment,' stimulating energy and blood flow, allowing healing to take place.  

   In recent years there has been more interest in the use of sound-healing therapies, old research has been revived, and new studies using cutting-edge technology have shown decisive results.  The  overwhelming agreement is that sound can be used to heal our bodies, minds, and spirits.

  Healing in these times ~    

      In these times we're in, both wonderful and frightening, our best chance for surviving health issues, Big Pharma,  and  insurance strangulation is  to take our healing into our own hands.   Realize that physical and mental issues are generated from a quantum level, the level of our energy-being.  We are the ones in closest contact with that energy.  In fact, we are that energy..

     Frequency medicine  refers to therapies such as Sound Healing, Essential Oils, and Meditation, which raise  the rate of vibration of particles and energy, and have a profound healing effect on human beings, creatures, and the earth, by stimulating cellular energy, blood, lymph, and air.

      Most health issues are caused by, or create as a by-product,  areas of stagnation in the body.  Stagnation of blood-flow/energy-flow creates inflammation, and  a breeding place for undesireables.  Think pneumonia, for instance..  

    More quantum sciences behind essential oil application and aromatherapy are now  showing astounding healing effects on humans and animals, not only due to antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties,  but also because the essential oils of plants have vibrational  frequencies which stimulate energy movement to stagnant areas,  restoring homeostasis, allowing healing.  

   The brain contains a vast pharmaceutical laboratory and the body is designed to heal itself, so why are we taking killer meds and giving our  health away to entities with their own agendas?  Therapeutic-grade oils are a delight to use as they whisper healing information to our cells.

Easy and effective self-healing   
      using Sound Healing 

           and Meditation

                                                                See below..
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We are multidimensional beings
traveling through life
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Lighten Up ~ 
Studies show laughter
heals better than pills!
What is
Essential oils are truly a gift of the Earth; when humans heal, the Earth heals.
Tuning Forks:  For decades chiropractors and therapists have been using tuning forks to stimulate healing in bones and organs.  Now intensive research is being done in the field of sound healing, and the results are astounding!  Tissues are healing beginning at the cellular level when certain frequencies are toned.  This is something you can do at home to heal and regenerate.  Advice from a naturopath is helpful in determining which frequencies may be beneficial, or do some research online to learn about frequencies.  Free information can be obtained by using the contact box below.  Tuning forks that resonate with every body system can be purchased online relatively inexpensively, or there's a website offering CDs of the different frequencies.  I'd be happy to address any questions about tuning forks with you by e-mail.

Meditation:  Finally science is supporting the benefits of meditation, and nowadays doctors are prescribing it for stress.  There are a million techniques for arriving at a peaceful frame of mind, but very few teach the simple, effective, methods for arriving at the stillpoint, the place that generates creation.  Our lives could be so much happier, more complete, inspiring, abundant, and positive, if we just took a few minutes each day to step into this calm but energizing moment.  Even family and friends respond with more happiness and positivity when the energy we portray allows it.  It's not hard or time-consuming to change our health and lives; we just need to hit the 're-set' so the blueprint can begin to generate healthy patterns and operate the way it was designed to.  It's called homeostasis, the return to proper functioning.  Meditation is the key.  Inquire at the contact box for free information and step-by-step instructions.  Thank you for helping the world by raising consciousness.
Infuse specific vibratory rate into oils by holding stem of tuning fork against bottle.
Resonate to Sound Frequencies
Oils, Meditation, and is Thought Alone Sufficient?