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Consciousness is its own container.   
The light that is in you is not contained by the body.
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Feel free to request information on any subject and I will post some information from a naturopathic perspective. 

Blood pH levels:  Acid or Alkaline?  There has been a great deal of media coverage on the subject of blood pH (acid/alkaline) balance, but there are many tips which are always overlooked; such as,

          - Don't eat a high-protein meal right before you 
            perform a strenuous physical activity.  It's called
            'acid-on-acid', and a common cause of heart 
            attacks.  In the process of metabolizing proteins, an
            acid residue (or 'ash') is produced which, when
            combined with the lactic acid by-product of muscle
            straining, creates an overly-acid condition in the
            blood which directly affects the heart. This is a 
            simple protocol which might save your life.

          - Buy a roll of litmus paper for checking your urine 
            or saliva pH.  It's a simple test to see how much
            strain your diet is having on your kidneys, which use
            buffers such as calcium (drawn from bones) to
            neutralize acids.  Hold a 2" piece of litmus paper in
            your first morning urine stream and compare the
            color to the chart that comes with the paper.  If the
            result is on the acid-side (below 7.35), get scared.
            Search Google for disease conditions (cancer, etc.) 
            existing in an acid pH, and let that propel you
            into making simple changes in your diet; such as,
            have a few bites of a raw vegetable at the beginning
            of each meal.  The stomach digests in layers, so by 
            providing a dose of alkaline before the acid 
            onslaught, you're all set to help the kidneys
            neutralize dietary acids.  Small changes are easy to
            make.  Increase the vegetables/proteins ratio to
            50/50 at each meal and you'll feel like a new 
            person!  Check your pH the following morning and
            you can see the improvement for yourself.

The Buddha said "It is your mind that creates this world."
We can make this more personal by saying, "It is your mind that creates your life."
"Free my life from all obstacles, and give me spiritual, mental, and physical abundance."

     Quantum Physics has proven that thought is what creates lives and opportunities.  Why not use our minds to generate the life we'd really like to have - a life filled with happiness, health, abundance, love, and a feeling that we're fulfilling our purpose? It's not hard, it just takes a bit of monitoring your thoughts, and replacing any negative ones with a positive thought!   Try it for just 15 minutes ~ Every time you hear yourself thinking, "My husband is such a slob!" (or some such), immediately say to yourself, "My husband takes such good care of his things, and I'm so thankful."  Yep, that easy.  If you begin to practice this, YOU WILL BE AMAZED how quickly your life begins to reflect your thoughts.  Positive thoughts attract positive life events.  

     I didn't make this up, science is showing it to be absolutely true!  If you have a hard time with 'positive thinking,' you can purchase my inexpensive instruction book for step-by-step tips, but you can do this without a book.  Just start doing it, and watch as your life begins to unfold in a much more positive manner.  Then, when you see that this is true, you can begin really placing an intention with your thoughts, and... the sky's the limit!  

     A positive change in your life and attitude will affect not only YOU, but everyone around you; your family, co-workers, and even people you do not come into contact with.  This is because all of humanity experiences the collective level in which you live.   It has to do with vibrations.  Throw a rock into a lake and watch the ripples going out from it.  Really.  Live with love and the love quotient of the world increases.  If you can't believe this, read Dr. Emoto's books about Messages in Water.  His research is very well documented and very convincing.